Session Fourteen

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Session Description

Finding purpose in life usually requires working for something larger than ourselves. Leaders get what they want by helping others get what they want. This session explores the concept of service to others as leadership and asks several key questions: Is service a choice or an obligation? Why do we always associate good leaders with service? At what point in your life is it the correct time to start “paying it forward?” We will discuss the debt we owe to society, the urgency of social engagement and uncovering the personal fulfillment of service.  


By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • Acknowledge and internalize the debt we owe our patrimony

  • Understand the benefits social engagement and service to others

  • Define a mission and purpose beyond ourselves

  • Articulate the structures of gratitude and it effect on the self





Blog Prompt

Reflect on our discussion today and your personal view on the issue. What do you see as the major barriers to a creating a system where a year of national service is a regular expectation of all citizens? Do you think that the country would be better off with such a program?