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Course Description

An examination of the theories and skills necessary for the development of effective leadership skills. The course explores the fundamental leadership attributes of self-awareness, values, and purpose. It introduces several personal and organizational leadership frameworks and their application in a variety of business, civic and nonprofit contexts. Students are challenged to design a life that puts these theories into practice. 

Course Objectives

This course is designed to elevate the performance of leaders. Students are pushed to develop their potential in seminar-style sessions covering leadership attributes, definitions, theories, frameworks, and the global application of leadership skills. Students will explore their behaviors, motivations, values, backgrounds, and character in an effort to increase self-awareness and accept the leadership challenge. 

As a result of completing this course, students should be able to:

  1. Articulate how their background influences the way they lead and apply these findings to global leadership interactions.
  2. Clearly define their particular personal strengths and how they can make them come alive.
  3. Claim ownership over their actions and emotions by studying theories and internalizing the habits of being proactive, managing their time, embracing empathy and seeking win-win outcomes.
  4. Apply situational leadership practices to people management and understand the right way to manage and empower the members of their organizations.
  5. Identify the universal behaviors and practices utilized by effective leaders across sectors.
  6. Identify their personal brand and understand the importance of personal brand management.
  7. Understand the importance and best practices of building relationships versus “networking.”
  8. Evaluate theories of happiness and differentiate life satisfaction from day-to-day contentment. Articulate a personal definition of happiness.
  9. Dedicate themselves to being a person of consequence and leading a story-worthy life.
  10. Acknowledge and internalize the debt they owe to society and embrace the importance of living for something larger than themselves.             

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