Session One

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Session Description

Real leadership has nothing to do with position, power or press. Leadership is about influencing others to action. In this session, students will explore the varied definitions of leadership and how leaders are created. We will look into our pasts and seek to understand how our backgrounds have shaped our most marked characteristics and our leadership styles. Students will be challenged to commit to regular self-reflection and to becoming a person of consequence.


By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • Define leadership for themselves

  • Understand that leadership is a skill that can be developed

  • Articulate how their background shapes who they are

  • Appreciate the practice of reflection and self-awareness


Blog Prompt

We talked about our background influences today. Here is Bill’s post about his family influences. Explain your background influences and why you are the way you are. Feel free to use Bill’s post as a template, but be sure that yours is specific to you.

See Bill’s Post for inspiration