Session Three

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Session Description

Good habits are required to manage oneself and to take ownership over emotions, actions and decisions. You are in complete control of your calendar and your physical and emotional reaction to external stimuli. In this session students will review the personal leadership theories from two of Covey’s Seven Habits. Through discussion and reflection on being proactive and putting first things first, students will be guided to the understanding that their effectiveness as a person and a leader really is up to them.


By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • Take ownership of their actions, decisions, and emotions

  • Understand methods to be more proactive and in control

  • Effectively manage their time and schedule their priorities

  • Articulate what it takes to be extraordinarily effective




  • Complete the Session Three Workbook Pages
  • Log how you spend your time for one week (in the workbook).
  • Classify every activity according to Quadrant and calculate total time in each (from Covey reading).
  • Above and Beyond:

    • Download the Moment App (free) and report your findings.

    • Pick one of these short podcast to listen to.


Blog Prompt

Tell your own 90/10 principle story. Write a post about a real experience when you let an external factor ruin your whole day. What happened, how did you react and what were the consequences?