Below are the guidelines for your Session Five presentations:

10-15 minute presentation based on the TED talk model of sharing new and infectious ideas. Take a habit, topic, quote or theme we’ve discussed so far in the course and take us deeper. Every individual must participate - this means speak.

  • Notes are OK
  • Medium doesn't matter - pick the vehicle that best tells your story (hint - this sometimes means no presentation aid at all)
  • The only real thing we're measuring is your ability to provide a new, unique and engaging perspective about your topic
  • I repeat - there are no rules - entertain and inform us

Your presentation could (or could not) be one of the following:

  • Compilation of examples about your topic
  • Anthology of stories about your topic
  • Demonstration of your topic's effectiveness in the leadership arena
  • New approach to your topic/idea/habit
  • A rebuttal to challenges that your topic may face
  • A freestyle rap battle
  • An interpretive dance session

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