Session Eleven

Session 1.jpg

Session Description

Students will once again collaborate to teach a twenty-five minute session on a leadership theory, practice or model that is relevant to the course objectives. This is a real session with the expectation that we will all learn something valuable from our fellow students and have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills in your work as a team.


By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • Apply the lessons from the previous sessions to the task of teaching

  • Demonstrate the ability to work as a team toward a common objective

  • Articulate a lesson on an important topic relevant to principled leadership

  • Practice their leadership style in a team environment


Assignment Parameters and Expectations

  • Create a twenty-five minute lesson on a topic relevant to the course.

  • The lesson may be delivered in any manner you choose.

  • Interaction is encouraged.

  • Each group member must play an active, visible role.

  • Visual aids and other teaching devices are encouraged.

  • The insight and takeaways should be clear and meaningful.

    • We’re looking for a single memorable takeaway.

  • Outside resources are highly encouraged.

  • Depth is more meaningful than breadth.

  • Do not simply regurgitate a topic we have already covered. Expand upon it. Bring something new. Be engaging and significant.


Blog Prompt

Write about the most valuable lesson you learned from today’s unique perspective presentations. Expand upon what was covered in class with your own thoughts and ideas on the subject.